Fall 2013 VW Bug Turbo Build Progress Video

Fall 2013 VW Bug Turbo Build Progress Video

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Widen VW bug fenders with steel #462

With both of the widened VW bug’s front and rear fenders as well as the running board positioned, I can now concentrate on paneling in the openings. I am using 22 gauge steel plates that I am cutting to fit in each void. First I develop the paper template and then cut and fit each plate. I am using a spot welder which can only fit inside the fender on every other plate. Once I have as many plates on that I can get with the fender mounted, I will remove the fender and finish up all the plates and welding from the other side. Using a hammer I can refine the shape before applying the filler. I painted the fender with some guide coat spray paint to get an idea how It’s going to look.

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