MR2 VW Bug pics page 5

The MR2 struts need to be leaned in a bit more to fit under the VW bug body. I modified the front steering knuckles to do so.

Checking to make sure that the MR2 front and rear struts will clear the VW bug body and work correctly.

I needed to create the MR2 VW bug front strut mount tops. They need to be able to bolt to the spherical strut mounts and also attach to the frame in some manner. I am also starting the initial front steering knuckle alignment.

The new MR2 VW bug strut tops are being connected to a front cross-link. I need to insure that the whole front assembly will line up correctly before cutting my tubing.

With the front crosslink created I need to connect it to the frame. I accomplished this by cutting two pieces of tubing to weld the cross-link to the lower main frame rails.

I am connecting the rear strut-link to the frame with some 3×2 inch angle iron pieces cut to fit for their locaation.

I have spent a great deal of time lining the rear end up. Alignment is critical so I am using a square piece of paneling as well as a laser level to get it right.

A big milestone has been met. I can finally remove all of the wooden jigs and see the rolling chassis. It seems to be rolling great and the suspension travel appears to be just right

Now with a rolling chassis, I can focus on the steering rack. Before I finish the welding I want to get the rack in place.

I am now ready to remove the frame from all of the car hardware. I am rebuilding the engine stand so I can lift the frame off of the 3SGTE engine and drive-train. I am going to strengthen and weld the frame at every joint, top and bottom.

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