MR2 VW Bug Pics Page 2

This is the initial alignment of the Toyota 3SGTE Motor. As you can see it sits in a wooden frame that wraps around the entire rear end. The engine should sit completely within the body lines of the VW Bug’s body shell.

This is the 1st trial fitting of the VW Bug basket materials now that the MR2 3SGTE engine is in place.

I have to determine where the VW Bug frame will terminate at the Toyota MR2 rear anti-torsion mounts.

In order to have a accurate cut on my VW Bug frame steel, I have created a Masonite template.

After cutting the VW Bug frame plates with my plasma cutter, I can now trial fit the plates on either side of the Toyota MR2 3SGTE motor,

In order to bolt them to the main rails, I had to create back-up plates for the VW Bug frame units. The back-up plates are 1/4″ steel and have grade 8 nuts welded to them.

Now with the inside VW Bug frame plates installed and aligned, I can now create the outside plates by using the same technique as before.

Once cut out, I can now fit the VW Bug outside frame plates around the Toyota MR2 3SGTE motor.

More 1/4″ back-up plates need to be made for the VW Bug outside frame units. I must also bolt the outside frame plates to the main rails. If you look close you can see the 2x2x3/16″ angle iron that I used to bolt the outside frame plates to the main rails.

Once I had the VW Bug frame plate units aligned with the Toyota MR2’s cross-member, I have to connect them in some manner. These pictures show how the saddle block idea has worked out.

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6 thoughts on “MR2 VW Bug Pics Page 2

  1. Beautiful work Tim ! Do you have an idea how much the rear assembly weighs? (engine, trans, axles, suspension…..) I’m considering the MR2 setup for a sandrail in hopes of eliminating the weak links inherent with VW transmissions/transaxles.
    Thanks, Tom

    • Thanks, Tom.
      Sorry for the late reply. One thing to think about is the weight of the MR2 and transaxle. It’s heavy, like 1K lbs. including the axles, suspension and wheels. This might throw off your balance in such a light vehicle. It would haul-ass though.

      Good Luck.

  2. I have long considered a 5sfe mr2 non-turbo swap into a vw bus. Seeing how you are the closest person to doing this, what would be your views on such a swap?

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