MR2 VW Bug pics page 7

The first attmpt to engineer the front sway bar didn’t go very well. This 2nd attempt has gone better. This looks like it will work better.

Before I can paint the frame, I need to attach everything that will be welded on. All of the items I am welding on will be part of the final interior paneling. I can attach the interior paneling to these brackets and not have to drill directly into the main frame rails.

I am again flipping the frame over so I can finish everything I need to get to from the bottom. Theres a lot to do I need to finish the welding as well as mount the front sway bar and the rear e-brake cables.

With the frame still up-side-down, I need to finish up a few more things. I need to finish the e-brake set-up because this would be very difficult from underneath. The final locations of the front sway-bar mounts also need to be finalized prior to paint.

The bottom of the frame is finally ready for paint. I had to set up a make-shift paint booth first. I applied the primer before filling up any openings with bondo. I than applied the Eastwood heavy duty chassis black paint. I am now ready to flip it back over to finish the top.

Now with the frame back upright, I must drill out all of the pass-through holes in the rear firewall. I will then prime the frame and ready it for chassis paint.

With frame now painted, I can reassemble the running gear. I used my shop crane to lift and lower the VW bug frame over the MR2 engine.

Now with the frame painted and all the running gear back on, I can connect the parking brake cables.

I can now start assembling everything else. I am starting with the MR2 ABS unit and steering rack. The MR2 steering rack will mount to the custom VW bug frame next to the ABS pump.

Next up- The main coolant tubes. I can now install the MR2’s engine coolant tubes. These tubes will run through the custom vw bug frame.

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