Truly unique cars have always been a passion of mine and I have always loved the hotrod VW beetles. I live in Texas and an air cooled car just doesn’t work as needed. I want the nice late-model ride, handling and comfort (AC is a must). I decided to create a true HYBRID, as in Toyota and VW. A Toyota MR2 turbo melding with the VW Bug was kind-of a no-brainer. Rear engine, rear wheel drive.

So..I decided to put this website together to track my MR2/VW Bug turbo progress along the way. First though I had to build a workshop in my backyard. After negotiating with my wife and neighbors, I covered my very small and useless backyard with a metal carport. I then poured a concrete slab and enclosed the area to create a 15×20 foot build studio. I hope you enjoy tracking my progress through this site. Feel free to comment and ask questions along the way.

So… Say goodbye to mowing the grass and Hell Yeah to Haulin’ Ass!!

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  1. This is so cool, there are no words that can describe how excited I was when I
    found this on you tube. You are so amazing and the talent you have is magical.
    I have a old 57 oval that I would love for you to do the same thing to, Please. Let
    me know what you think, but i am sure you don’t want to go through this again.
    Wicked man, just freaking WICKED!!!!!

  2. i’m from Mexico and a have a VW one, i want to make it a swab to my Bug with a Subaru motor but here we don´t have the same oportunities ’cause is so expensive to get a subaru motor, i´m really surprised of you job

  3. I need some info on your rim/tire/ fender combo. Size rims and tires? Bolt pattern? Adapters? Where can I get them, they’re perfect, love the stance.

    • i’d like to know what the tires/rims are as well! I saw the fender rebuild, it looks so CLEAN and stock… SO AMAZING.

  4. Sweet ride, nice clean build,when is your proposed completion date? What are your hp numbers? YOU think you can take the Supra***** HP to weight ratio is close. Right.

  5. Hie Tim, I want to buid a Bug from scratch so I need to know what other engines can fit on it beside the one you put? I leave in South Africa.

  6. Great project, I am currently in the process of building a custom chassis to put a Lotus Europa body on it . I already started to cut up an MR2, which would be the perfect donor car for my project. My question to you what did you use for struts or coil overs that you have in your photos? They sit nice and low , and that’s where I need to be to fit that Europa body . The Europa doesn’t have enough height for strut towers. Your project using an MR2 is the only one I could find on the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!!

  7. Man your bug is awesome I am in process of widening fenders I would love to know what your measurements were with your fender builds if you could please email me that would make my life so much easier thank you!

  8. Hi Tim, I have a 1969 VW Bug, restored but having trouble finding instructions on how to replace the wing vent window latches. Watched your video on rebuilding window, you mention riveting the new latches on but I’m not sure if you removed the glass first or if it can be done without removing window from car ? Any help or video is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance as I know this post is a year or so old !

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