MR2 VW Bug pics page 6

Before I can flip the frame over and weld everything on the bottom, I need to attach a few bracing plates to the frame. These plates will insure that everything remains square and give the frame overall rigidity and strength. These plates will also be welded on the bottom as well as all of the main frame members.

This is my 1st attempt to mount the front sway bar. I don’t believe that this is going to work out very well, so I will approach this again later to do a better job.

The VW bug needs a floorboard, so I got a large sheet of steel that will completely cover the bottom of the VW body interior. I cut it out with my plasma cutter and inserted it beneath the frame. Bolts will go directly through this piece into the lower rails.

With the floor plate in and tacked to the frame, I can now position the fuel cell and seats. I pushed the fuel cell as far back as I could get it the then did the same with the seats. The seats are now in and bolted down. They are very strong and nice.

I am now to the point where I have to try and fit the Toyota MR2 control pedals into the VW bug interior. I am creating a temporary firewall from plywood I will test fit the pedals on the plywood first. Once happy with the pedal locations I will construct the real firewall from steel plate.

I am now constructing the VW bug’s dash board and steering column support. The support will not allow the hood to close all the way with the stock hinges. I will modify both the hinges and the dash support.

I am building the front foot box area of the car. I will try and squeese everything into the VW bug’s nose. Building the firewall, clutch, brake and steering column.

It is now time to fit the VW bug’s radiator and condenser unit. The radiator is from 94 Pontiac Fiero and the condenser is a hot-rod unit.

Before I can paint the VW bug MR2 frame I need to work on the console, shifter and e-brake.

Before paint I also need to mount the MR2 ABS unit in the front nose of the VW bug frame.

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  4. I am building a 1972 superbeetle and was thinking of installing a fuel cell in the same location you have. If you don’t mind what are the demensions of your cell and did you have to have it specially made? I am putting a Ej22 subaru engine in my bug. I thought if I mounted the fuel cell behind the seat as you have then I would more room to work with under the hood for my cooling system. Thank you for your time and your bug looks unbelievable!!

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