MR2 VW Bug Pics Page 4

The custom VW beetle now has a lower frame. All of the frame units are made from the same 10 ga. steel as the rest of the frame.

The last Toyota MR2 3SGTE motor mount has been incorporated into the last of the VW bug’s lower frame units. This unit is also the lower portion of the fire-wall.

The VW bug fire-wall has now been built. This wall contains the front MR2 3SGTE motor mount. The fire-wall will need to be welded on the other side when the frame is removed later.

The rear MR2 3SGTE engine cage is similar to the front fire-wall. It has been built to maximize it’s size for the space. Again I can’t weld the rear of the cage until I remove it from the engine.

I had to remove a bit more of the VW bug sheetmetal to get the body back on the custom frame and also over the MR2 3SGTE engine.

The Mr2 rear struts are a close shave. I made these measurments and knew it was going to be tight. Both rear struts, however, do fit inside the VW bug body.

I am starting to position the MR2 front struts through the VW bug body. The strut tops need to be on the inside of the VW bug’s front fender wells.

I have created the rear link between the MR2 Strut tops. This link has been measured to fit inside the VW bug body.

Now for the first time I can lift the VW bug frame up and support it only on the MR2 struts.

I now need to determine the height of the VW bug front strut cross-link. I need to make sure that the brake booster will fit as well as have the correct height for the MR2 front strut compression.

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2 thoughts on “MR2 VW Bug Pics Page 4

  1. We met at Cars and Coffee last month I have a 93 black mr2. You said you would like aluminum covers for you fuse boxes, this is what i just saw.

    This is off the face book mr2 parts for sale.

    Scott Barton
    December 17, 2015 at 6:00pm
    MR2 fuse box covers – brushed finish. Available from IMOC-UK.
    $71 — West Malling, Kent

    £47.50 ($71) for the pair
    £25.50 ($38) just for the frunk
    £27.50 ($41)just for the engine bay
    + P+P
    Available from January. Available to ship worldwide…. See More
    SW20 Fuse Box Covers – Front and rear – Supplied as a pair.
    Finished in brushed aluminium, perfectly detailed with the MR2 fuse and relay legend, that is laser etched. Simply affix to your plastic fuse box covers using
    3 people like this.
    Scott Barton
    Scott Barton Starting to take pre orders on these now via the club shop. Available to ship from mid January.
    Like · Reply · December 19, 2015 at 4:14pm
    Scott Barton
    Scott Barton Any more interest in these? Have taken a few orders so far, thanks for everyone who has participated to get this off the ground. Some more detail on the process on how these were made. The aluminium is screen etched and printed. First the aluminium is …See More
    Like · Reply · January 8 at 11:53am
    David Dahl

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