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I need to shorten the front sway bar. I cut each end at a 45 degree angle and married them together with a sleeve. I drilled holes in the sleeve to insert plug welds. I let each weld cool before proceeding. It’s stitched together real strong.

I need to run a hydraulic clutch line as well as the read brake line. I will run the clutch line down the drivers side of the frame and the brake line will run down the passenger side. Both lines will run along side the coolant tubes.

I am now plumbing up the VW bug fuel system. I am mocking everything up with some cheap plastic tubing. I will use the tubing to measure out my braided stainless fuel lines. Brackets and clamps will need to be made to hold the lines in place.

I am using the Toyota ABS brake system, so I need to clean it out by drawing some brake fluid through the passages. I did get some gunk out of it.

The painted, rolling, VW bug custom frame emerges from the garage for the first time. It looks great in the light of day. I will be relocating the frame so I can work on the VW bug body.

This bug body is rough in spots. This old a vehicle is bound to of had a few smash-ups. The rear wings needed to be strengthened and reshaped as well as tons of other repairs.

Since I cut out most of the steel in the front end, I must rebuild the foot box / dash area. I am completely sealing off the front nose hood area from the passenger compartment. I am constructing the box from steel panels cut to fit. I seal the top of the box with a 16 ga. steel sheet and hammer the edges over at the front.

Before I can reunite the VW bug chassis with the body, I need to prep the inside of the bug’s body shell. I cleaned, sanded and brushed all the surfaces then painted it all with rust converter paint. I am now ready for the marriage.

With the bug body prepped on the inside, I can now perform the marriage of body and frame. Using my shop crane I hoisted the VW bug body up and rolled the frame under it. I then slowly lowered the body down, making sure that everything clears. Once down on the frame I bolted the body to the frame in 34 places.

With the VW bug body reunited with the frame, I can now start building/installing all of the control systems. I have started with the firewall, clutch, brake booster and steering column, As everything goes in, I will either rebuild it or install new equipment.

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